Saturday, November 26, 2011


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if i could help her out with a shoot for her uni assignment. The shoot was to be inspired by a culture and she decided to do a Spanish theme. On the day we didn't really have a location picked out and drove around aimlessly for a while until we decided to check out one of the local churches. It ended up having quite a few places we could shoot around. Thankfully it was desserted that day as i tried to complete some super quick costume changes behind one of the boulders. Definately not the type of outfits i would usually wear but we had a lot of fun shooting!


  1. Omgosh... these photos are incredible! The colours are so vibrant and you look beautiful in all of the pics.

    Would love to know where these photos were taken.

  2. thank you! the photo's were at a church in western sydney, my friend added all the colours to the background and all the effects, she is a great photographer! x