Friday, January 27, 2012

de la creme

A couple of years ago it seemed that all of my outfits consisted of black pieces. Everything i would buy would be in black as it was the hue i was most comfortable in and everything looks good in that tone. However i realised i looked like a bit of an emo and decided i wanted to add a bit of colour and lighter tones to my wardrobe. Since then it seems like i haven't bought a single black piece! At least i stuck with my plan and as you can see in tonights outfit...not a single black item! Wooo here is to me finally sticking to one of my plans! I am completely obssesed with cream and white, pastels, gold accents and tan accessories. I am also a huge fan of a red lip to add a pop.

Wearing TFNC dress from Asos, Asos heels, vintage bag and cuff, Ysl arty oval ring, revlon lipstick


  1. This dress is amazing and your make up looks beautiful xx

  2. thanks Jade, i have had this dress for so long but this is the first time i've worn it x