Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pop of red

I have kept a close eye on some brightly coloured clutches on asos constantly adding them to my list in every single colourway. However i have come across some tutorials on the internet on how to sew one yourself.
It was my day off yesterday and off i went down to spotlight and grabbed some fabric, thread and buttons and tried my hand. A mere couple of minutes later i had my very own red clutch. Surely it isn't as pretty as those on asos but it will add that pop of colour to my outfits im after and it kept me entertained for a while.

wearing: vintage shirt and vintage shorts from cream on crown, YSL arty oval ring


  1. You look stunning! Gorgeous outfit, and can we swap hair!? Total DIY win, the result is fab. X

  2. so cool! love DIY's! you look amazing too! your hair is something wonderful!

  3. I think it looks great! Make me one pleeeeeease? ;)

  4. Lovely outfit!
    Love the clutch; the red really pops out!


  5. thankyou, you are all just too sweet! Will be looking into making some more riotersbloc ;) x