Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Purple haze

The weather today is absolutely beautiful (even though we are in the middle of winter) and it is making me so much more excited for spring. I cannot wait until the weather permits me to step out of the house in a gorgeous pair of shorts and soak up some sun rays, as evident by my pasty skin i am in dire need.
I love the flowers that are popping up and combined with the sun makes for some beautiful scenery and thought i would try and capture that with a few photos.
The main thing keeping me happy in winter is warm, textured cuddly fabrics like this deep purple number. I will upload a few vintage sweaters onto the store this week so keep an eye out x

wearing esoteric wardrobe vintage purple sweater and diva necklace


  1. love these photos! your sweater looks so soft and snugly! and the colour is to die for!

  2. thankyou, i have uploaded some sweaters onto my store and this one sold out instantly, i was a bit sad to part with it