Sunday, October 9, 2011


So once again the weather gods have been toying with us, one minute it is raining, then storming, then it is sunny, then cloudy....then sunny again. This weekend was a relaxing one for me and mainly consisted of lazing around, lunching, getting things ready for the market, heading out for dinner, dessert, online shopping and watching how i met your mother season 6. Pretty much a standard weekend for me, and i  love it.

I am currently having a love affair with stripes. I managed to grab this skirt from sportsgirl a month or more ago and realised i hadn't even worn it yet. I love the baby blue and white stripes and think it will make a great piece for the warmer months. I also was inspired to try something different with my hair and i just love a ruby red lip.

wearing sportsgirl maxi skirt, thrifted blouse, necklace from general pants


  1. Gorgeous! I love your skirt, it's really pretty. Gosh I need to start using my mac red lippie again :)

  2. I love your makeup, you look gorgeous! That skirt is hot, I considered buying it before when it was on sale but talked myself out of it, now I regret it wah!

  3. Thanks ladies, i bought the skirt when it was on sale i think i got it for $10 or $15, i love a bargain :) x