Friday, May 6, 2011

Group Show day one of RAFW

The group collection show on the monday included Uscari, Garth Cook, Subfusco, Lanphi and Flowers for a vagabond and what a beautiful assortment of looks by all 5 designers.

Uscari started the show with a short film showcasing this seasons looks then sent down an array of stunning and crisp white on white outfits. There was crochet, tailoring, relaxed jersey and lots of layering and detailing.

Garth Cook was next and he also embraced the key trend of tailoring and mixing it with pastel printed flowing pieces. Subfusco included both mens a womenswear, sending down a male model in a sheer printed blazer and short combo, mixing up the neautral palette embraced by the previous designers.

Subfusco’s collection was inspired by the four elements of the earth- earth. Air, fire and water as well as human existence. The colour palette was derived form these four elements. the fabric was created by the designer - Josh Scacheri, by digitally printing the design onto a mesh fabric creating a stunning effect.

Lanphi was all about prints. One of the key looks was a full flowing dress with cutouts on the back in a green and blue infused print.

Flowers for a Vagabond brought back the show with a monochromatic palette and sleek silhouettes. All in all a very talented group of designers, with fun wearable pieces.

lots of more photos still to come!

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