Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swim and resort wear at RAFW

I often find that swim and resort wear shows are some of the harder runway shows to really make a statement in as you have very little to work with.
But the ladies at this years RAFW definately stepped it up a notch.

Lisa Blue went with a tribal theme adorning her models with feathered headdresses and tribal makeup. We saw alot of feathers and fringing and beautiful bronzed bodies. Models were barefooted and the runway was set out in a cross layout so everyone was able to get a good view.
My fav is the black high waisted cutout bikini.

Straight after Lisa Blue i made my way to the Kooey show. The models came out wearing black, blonde and fire engine red wigs, knee high boots and swimwear in an array of colours. There were three spots on the runway where the models stopped and posed showing alot of attitude and spunk. The styling and combination of the music and poses made for a provocative exhibition. The make up was heavy around the eyes. High waisted bikinis, cutouts, one pieces, blue, red, white and prints were all embraced by Kooey.

My favourite Swim show of the week would have to be Lisa Maree, not only did she provide a gorgeous collection but she also added the entertainment to create a dynamic show. Her show was inspired by the native animals of Africa and this was portrayed in the makeup of the show with feathered eyes.
The runway was adorned with large bare trees, and flora hanging from the roof , down to the sides.
The start of the show was mysterious with two bodies crawling from the start of the runway on each side, in black tights and large brown, flowing capes. They were revealed to be Benny and Javier ninja from the house of ninja in NYC ( you may remember Benny ninja from America's next top model).
They were on each side of the runway demonstarting their amazing flexibility and dance moves, while each of the models made their way down the runway.
The first look that came out was accessorised with the models arm being covered in feathers. Another model came down with huge wings, as well as a female model walking two male models who were handcuffed down the runway.
The models had wet, slicked back hair. The music was intoxicating as was the whole production of the show.
My favourite looks were the red crochet bikini and white crochet dress.

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