Sunday, May 1, 2011

It is that time of the year again! Yeah you guessed it, Logie time! (or you may not have guessed as it seems alot of people weren't even aware the awards were on tonight...) but of course our favourite part of the night is Fashion frock watching on the red carpet.
Firstly i will start off by saying that the international counter-part Fashion choices were a REAL let down, yes i am talking to you Katy Perry and Jessie J.
As for our Australian fashionistas, there were some major hits and massive let downs.
Erin McNaught shone in an absolutely stunning backless gown by Aurelio Costarella. other starlets in white included the Statuesque Megan Gale in Alex Perry and Jessica Marais in a beautiful J'Aton gown.
Rebecca Judd was glowing and she could never look bad but her gown/hair combo were a bit of a letdown. Laura Dundovic's Leopard printed frock was definately a shocker.
Charlotte Dawson looked simple but beautiful, as did Kat stewart in a gold J'Aton number.
Natalie Gruzlewski also looked amazing in a fitted silhouette. 
As for the Commando, he was a nice little piece of eye Candy!

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